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About Department

The faculty of the Department of Mathematics and Statistics at Caledonian College of Engineering are prominent scholars engaged in teaching and research in Mathematics / Statistics and allied areas. The department consists of a dedicated team that provides a nurturing milieu conducive to innovative thinking, preparing students for the twenty-first century.

The Department of Mathematics and Statistics has been established in response to the growing requirements of the nation for skilled engineers with a strong foundation in Mathematics and Statistics. The department serves the entire student population registered under various engineering programmes at the College by offering different courses in Mathematics and Statistics.

To meet the growing demand for trained professionals, the department offers software based learning at Mathematics Learning Support Center. The department is actively involved in cutting edge research in a wide range of Mathematics / Statistics applications with a focus on Reliability Modeling, System analysis, Applied Probability, Stochastic Processes, Fluid Mechanics and Numerical Analysis. In addition to this, the department supports interdisciplinary research projects / activities.

The main objective of the department is to provide strong mathematical background to engineering students, enabling them to handle the mathematical challenges of emerging technologies.

To empower students with necessary mathematical knowledge and skills, in order to meet the challenges of emerging technologies and diverse social needs of the region.

Offering quality education enabling students to handle real challenges of academia and industries through innovative approach.

Modules offered

The following modules are offered in Mathematics to the students pursuing Engineering degrees for different programmes of study:

i) Bachelor of Engineering Programmes

Module Name

Module Code

Branch of Study

Technical Mathematics 1 M1G121453 CAME/CoE/EL/EPE/MT/POM/TE
Applicable Mathematics 1 M1H121706 Civil Engineering
Technical Mathematics 2 M2G121464 CAME/CoE/EL/EPE/MT/POM/TE
Applicable Mathematics 2 M2H121713 Civil Engineering
Advanced Mathematics M3G121484 CAME/CoE/EL/EPE/MT/POM/TE
Advanced Mathematics for Civil Engineers M3G122315 Civil Engineering

ii) Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering Programmes

Module Name

Module Code

Branch of Study

Engineering Mathematics 1 MSEM107 CHEM ENGG
Engineering Mathematics 2 MSEM201 CHEM ENGG
Applied Mathematics MSEM306 CHEM ENGG

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